A New Series Coming October 2020

The Resort at Cozy Mountain has always enjoyed great prosperity, primarily through buying or destroying anything that gets in the way.


Fleeing her unhappy marriage, wealthy socialite Blythe Buffington has returned to Cozy Mountain to visit her invalid mother. After being harassed by her spoiled daughter, greedy first husband, and multiple buyers vying for her family home, Blythe discovers she may be flat broke.


What’s a former debutante to do?


Close friends Emma, Abby, and Georgie rally around their old friend Blythe and encourage her to move back home. Blythe promises to consider this proposition but then disappears under suspicious circumstances. It seems as if their good friend may have left Cozy Mountain forever. Or has she?


It’s spring in Cozy Mountain, and the stately homes on Grandview Boulevard are hiding some dreadfully dark secrets, both old and new.

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Morning Glory by Pamela Grandstaff